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defensive and it could be dilutive to their talk at what they are buying is rapid growth. to their stock. but they are buying is rapid growth. it was purely defensive from their own of view. you can't look at whatsapp and said that per user, blackberry can get $3.6 billion. do haveys to have -- valuation of blackberry messenger. greg, it is ah different user base. if you look at blackberry and blackberry messenger, it is mostly professionals that are using it, they are using it for collaboration, they're using it to leverage the productivity. to sort ofpeals more the average consumer. john, but do you expect, that eventually he is going to spin it off? >> you know, he indicated in a bloomberg interview yesterday that is certainly a possibility. his plans are to scale up that business but they have 85 million subscribers. he needs to get that larger. i think he is going to do that by developing some functionality user at, again, that core that is looking to blackberry messenger for collaboration and enhance productivity. >> john, thanks so much for joining us. restructuring specialist gre
.7% to decline 3/10 of one percent. when he back out defense transportation, 1.7% for the month of january defying expectations of a decline. we should mention the previous month's numbers for december were going to show bigger than reported declines. jobless claims coming out at a: 30 a.m. here's a number worse than expected. 348,000 jobless claims fire -- filed for last week. the average estimate was for 335,000. terms oflike a miss in economic data. durable goods are better than anticipated for the month of january and jobless claims worse. the taking a look at market reaction. we are seeing markets on the move. the dow jones also paring its loss by about 10 points, now down just 1/10. looking deeper into the data, give me your take on the goods. class it is good. you want to look past the headlines and see what businesses are defend debt spending. you take out defense and aircrafts nec a pretty solid gain for a month. the three month rolling average, we are up 6.6%. couple ofter a months. when you look at capital goods, it looks like this is is starting to spend again and ended decembe
there be a trade-off. quick that is his defense. -- >> that is his defense. he takes on a host of people. he takes on the nfl odds tax-exempt status. taken on the nfl tax-exempt status. >> i guess it is good if everyone is upset. dave camp wants to change that private equity tax. >> that is right. he would change the rule for the carried interest that affects both the hedge fund committee -- community and the private equity community. they are just one of several groups that will go after that and complained about that. he says, you've got to look at the whole balance of what the financial industry will get out of a more healthy economy. he thinks 2 million jobs will be created. growth is perhaps 20% better, that is the figure you put out there. and he talks about the politics. it is a midterm election year, and there are some republicans that don't want to rock the ship. i asked him about that. has he put his own party on the spot? here is part of his response. >> we need to be engaged in the big issues of the day. growing the economy, creating jobs, and i have specific proposals to do that. that
world, the u.s. army unveiled its first self driving vehicle. the department of defense made big push in recent years to put more automated technologies on the battlefield in an attempt to scale down personnel and put fewer soldiers at risk. we got inside look at the army's his newest tech. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> leave it to the military to be the latest in technology. i want to bring in cory johnson, our bloomberg west co. -- editor-at-large. investing in startups, specifically crowd funding. allhave been studying, for your research. >> interesting stuff. clearly just the senses. all sorts of safety devices going into cars 10 years ago. the carmakers love to talk about the stuff. every car show for the last six or seven years. they try to attach themselves to the coolest of consumer electronics. it is a little cooler than the car technology these days. >> it is becoming real business. it is the leader in collision avoidance technology. what they do is they have a little chip which teaches the car to recognize -- >> tesla is partnered with mobile app. >> they are partnered with the majority o
subcommittee on defense. they're here today to talk about the extendable launch vehicle program known as eelv. the program valued at $70 billion is a federal government answer to reducing the cost of military satellite space launches. xe contractors like space have yet to snag one of these launches because it does not have certification to do so. right now, united launch is the only rocket maker with that approval, which means they have held the monopoly for years. it in december, they were awarded another commitment for 35 more launches over the next five years. the monopoly should be coming to an end. the pentagon is putting up 14 more missions for grabs for new to enterlike space x that market. elon musk is going to make the case that space x is up to the job. >> it seems like elon musk as the underdog here. >> he definitely is. he will make the point that the federald save government $1 billion a year if it were to go with space x and he has had a couple of good weeks. first, the air force announced last week that its falcon nine launch back in september would count as one of the three ne
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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